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Cyncly’s Acquisition of Mobile Marketing

On October 16, 2023, Cyncly announced that it had acquired Mobile Marketing. The addition of Mobile Marketing’s digital marketing solutions and website services further expands Cyncly’s offerings to flooring retailers, and we’re thrilled with this important step in the life of our company.

We want you to be as excited about this move as we are.

As customers of Mobile Marketing, it’s only natural for you to have questions. We hope to answer all of them for you. What we want you to know the most is how much we value you and your business and how much we respect the relationship you have built with the incredible Mobile Marketing team.

Mobile Marketing is an outstanding company. That’s why Cyncly wanted us to be a part of their organization.

We have been excited throughout this journey by how our values and cultures align, and we’re incredibly optimistic about the future and all its possibilities for you and many other customers.

You will still enjoy all the strengths of the Mobile Marketing team and the great benefits they bring. You will now also get the support of our larger, global Cyncly operation. We’re certain the combination of these two outstanding companies will give you even better service, even better innovation, and even better results.

Q: Why has Cyncly acquired Mobile Marketing?

A: Cyncly believes Mobile Marketing is an outstanding company, which is why they wanted us to be a part of their organization.

Cyncly is now able to provide a more complete service offerings with the website and digital engagement side of the customer journey. Cyncly has been excited throughout this journey by how our values and cultures align, and we’re incredibly optimistic about our future and all its possibilities for you and many other customers.

We’re confident the acquisition of Mobile Marketing will make both the Mobile Marketing team and the Cyncly team stronger and better positioned to meet your individual needs. Our collective expertise and commitment to our customers will give you an experience like you have never had before, and we’re excited by all the possibilities ahead.


Q: What is Cyncly’s product strategy for Mobile Marketing and for integrations into existing Cyncly products, RFMS and Pacific Solutions?

A: The ability to provide customers a truly seamless and complete offering across the full consumer journey is one of the primary reasons we’ve joined forces. Cyncly believes the integration between website and digital engagement, and the rest of the customer journey, including customer relationship management, measurement and estimation tools, and enterprise resource management will be the key to helping flooring retailers be even more successful in the years ahead. Cyncly is excited to offer a true one-stop-shop for key digital solutions–all tailored to meet the unique needs of flooring retailers.

Cyncly will continue offering its current flooring software suite. It will also invest in technical resources to enhance the integrations between Mobile Marketing and the products from other Cyncly flooring business brands, RFMS and Pacific Solutions. Cyncly wants to make the combination of these solutions stronger and more effective than ever. Customers can expect to see steady improvement in the integration between Cyncly flooring solutions with Mobile Marketing through 2024.


Q: What will be Cyncly’s approach to other third-party ERP integrations currently with Mobile Marketing?

A: Mobile Marketing has generated tremendous collaboration with multiple third-party providers across the industry, including other ERP integrations. Cyncly will continue to support and encourage third-party ERP integrations with Mobile Marketing, and has no intention of limiting or terminating the ability for Mobile Marketing customers to work with the ERP that best meets their needs.


Q: What will be Cyncly’s approach to visualization solutions and the collaboration with Roomvo?

A: As stated above, Mobile Marketing has generated tremendous collaboration across the industry. Cyncly intends to continue providing flooring visualization solutions through the partnership with Roomvo. We look forward to strengthening the relationship between our two companies and to finding ways for our collaboration and the integration of our solutions to grow.


Q: Does Cyncly intend to create its own buying group or enter into flooring product distribution?

A: Cyncly is a software company and will continue to provide best-in-class software solutions to customers within flooring and across other markets. Cyncly has no intention of becoming a buying group or selling flooring product. It will maintain and expand its great industry relationships, so that together we can provide the most to our customers. Our goal is to help you sell flooring and we look forward to growing alongside you – our trusted partners.


Q: How will day-to-day operations be impacted for current Cyncly and Mobile Marketing customers?

A: For the near term, you will not see any changes. Cyncly acquired Mobile Marketing because it recognizes the power of the work we are doing, and believes in our team. You will continue to get the same great service you have been getting and that you appreciate. Day-to-day operations and processes, including invoicing and key contacts remain unchanged.

For the long term, Cyncly is confident that you’ll start to see even better service and results as an outcome of this acquisition. You’ll benefit from increased investment in innovation, in R&D, in customer experience, and more. We look forward to providing updates on enhancements and new opportunities as they arise.


Cyncly and Mobile Marketing Strategy

Q: Does Cyncly intend to sell Mobile Marketing’s offering beyond flooring customers into other Cyncly end markets (e.g. Kitchen, Bathrooms, Furniture, Windows or Doors)?

A: For the near future, we are focusing on making sure we offer the flooring industry the best, most complete, most seamless solutions available across the entire customer journey. We are confident your business – and the industry as a whole – will be stronger because of our collective efforts.

Cyncly offers solutions in industries beyond  flooring. In the future, it may look to expand Mobile Marketing’s impact beyond flooring by utilizing Cyncly’s experience and expertise in other end markets. This will be with your needs in mind and not at the expense of our core flooring business.


Q: Will Cyncly pursue further software acquisitions in the flooring industry?

A: Cyncly’s goal is to put customer needs first in everything it does. It may expand its solution suite with further acquisitions in the future if it allows the company to better serve you and contribute to the success of the flooring industry as a whole.