Optimize your
selling power.

Our digital marketing package works for you to engage with local consumers at every stage of their shopping journey. This engagement is customized to communicate the unique advantages and personality of your store. Through continual monitoring and analysis, Mobile Marketing optimizes the combined strength of your website, social platforms, and digital advertising to differentiate your company, advance your local presence, and maximize your selling power.

Step 1. Choose your Digital Marketing Solution

Mobile Marketing offer digital marketing packages: sm, md, lg and xl. Each solution features lead-generating Web, Social media and More advantages that drive consumers business.

Step 2. Choose Your Advertising Plan

Velocity offers three levels of advertising plans and can also customize a plan for your store.
While larger plans result in more leads, it is important to select the plan that best fits your budget.  When it comes to determining your budget, the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends budgeting 7% - 8% of gross revenues for marketing. According to Emarketer, 47% of that budget should be devoted to digital advertising.



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