The all-in-one digital platform for flooring retailers

Our custom website and digital marketing solutions are designed to meet flooring retailers’ business goals, while providing quality leads by strategically integrating websites with social media, advertising, and more.

Customzied Websites

Fully Customized Flooring Websites

Your website should be an extension of your store. We work with you to create a high-quality website that reflects your individual flooring business.

Custom Promotions

Custom Promotions

Stand out from your competition, and reach your customers with sales and promotions right for your business.

Advertising & Marketing Services

Advertising & Marketing Services

Reach in-market customers where they are and drive in quality leads with digital marketing solutions designed specifically for your business.

We create

an experience
you need

Create and construct your own top-notch websites. With the Mobile Marketing, you may promote your flooring showroom as well as show off your creative endeavors.

Marketing & Advertising Services


Google Ads

Complete Google Ads targeted to your customer, in their neighborhoods, communities and cities you serve.

social ads

Social Ads

Serve Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok ads. Custom social marketing posting and advertising campaigns available.

OTT Advertising

Over-the-Top Digital Video Advertising reaches in-market customers over the devices and apps they’re watching video on today.

geo fencing

Geo Fencing

Build a "virtual fence" around your competitor and target their customers to drive them to your store(s)!

Google My Business

Google My Business

Manage & optimize your business listings by location every month by updating promos, postings, photos and more.

email marketing


Customer email marketing, text messaging alerts and communications to your customers.

virtual home services

Virtual Home Services

Real-time video & audio chat with advance customer service tools. Helps power your virtual sales and client support.



Power review management, chat, messaging, scheduling, payments and more.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Custom content: blog posts, custom promotions, custom landing pages and more.

seo packages

Seo Packages

Complete SEO packages with keywords strategies, content, technical structure, directory listings, optimizations, more.



A website add-on option available for your site. Schedule a meeting with our team today to see if this is right for you.



An all-inclusive app specifically designed for flooring retailers to better manage, track and report showroom flooring samples.


Manage Your Samples

Integrated with product catalogs from top manufacturers

Samplesapp helps you keep tabs on all of your flooring samples in one convenient database. Maintain a photo record of samples checked out by your customers, send them email notifications, and collect late fees using the Samplesapp interface.

Person using Swell Dashboard

Sit back and watch the stars roll in.

A single place to monitor and track all reviews.

An all-inclusive app specifically designed for flooring retailers to better manage, track and report showroom flooring samples.

VHS preview
Virtual Home Service

Complete customer support claims at the snap of your fingers

Reduce the number of in-home trips your team takes to address customer service issues

Real-time video & audio chat with advanced customer service tools. Helps power your virtual sales and client support.

The top flooring retailers choose Mobile Marketing

AJ Rose
Ambassador Mid-West Floor
DeGraff Interiors
Great Lakes Carpet & Tile
The Floor Store
O'Krent Floors

What people say about us

“Working with Mobile Marketing has been a pleasure, I always get a quick response and don’t have to worry about following up. We have seen our Google position rise on keywords month after month. The thought of switching website and search engine optimization services gave me nightmares but the whole process was first-class, and the only regret was that we didn’t do it sooner.”

AJ Rose

Sam Locher
VP of Business Development & Marketing
AJ Rose

"With most flooring companies, marketing is the first thing that is cut during tough times. We’ve increased our marketing efforts, including pay-per-click and geo-fencing. Instead of pulling back on our digital marketing investment, we keep our foot on the pedal. Digital marketing is key, which is why we love Mobile Marketing. Our digital marketing and SEO have improved tremendously. We’re seeing our clicks increase, our click-through rates increase, and our projects are looking good."

Flowers Flooring

Flowers Flooring