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Abandoned Cart Emails

Winning back
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Your average online shopper won’t make a purchase. Often it's because they're just browsing or comparison shopping. Many others get distracted, are turned off by high prices & bad return policies, or have issues with a website or checkout process. They’ll add a few items to their digital cart, then abandon it.


The good news? There’s always a reason they put your product in their cart in the first place. Even though most of your visitors may abandon their carts, you can win them back. Mobile Marketing will help you research to discover why people are leaving your checkout process through your website analytics and heat maps, then develop an automated abandoned cart system to win them back.


Abandoned cart emails are follow-up messages to those lost customers, and they typically boast a much higher open rate than other ecommerce emails. The right message can help you recover potential revenue, and the whole system can be entirely automated. Talk to our team today to learn more about developing your own abandoned cart customer follow-up system.

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Here at MMA, we offer a unique digital branding and commerce perspective that puts people and businesses first by centering everything we do in human experiences.

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