You’ve probably heard that every business needs a blog. A blog for its own sake, however, won’t help you grow. At Mobile Marketing, we advocate blogging with purpose. We’ll help you incorporate a blog into your larger digital marketing strategy and leverage it to yield new leads and better SEO.


Become a trusted customer resource.

Blogging is a different type of marketing than most businesses are used to. Many make the mistake of writing to sell, but customers aren’t interested in commercials. So what can a blog accomplish for you?


Establish trust and a distinctive personality for your brand.

Readers have specific problems, questions, wants and needs. When they search online, they won’t be searching for your store’s name. Instead, they’ll be looking for specific answers. If you can write content that not only provides those answers, but does so in a way that’s honest, useful and entertaining, you’ll win their trust. Our team of skilled writers will help you demonstrate your products being used to solve problems and improve customers’ lives, answer common questions and offer how-to guides. People buy from those they know and like, so once you establish a relationship, you’re that much closer to making a sale without needing to ask!


Generate traffic, leads & audience insights.

Once readers see you as a reliable resource, they’re likely to return. At Mobile Marketing, we track and analyze reader behavior to see what content they’re responding to. Then we put your blog to work, producing similar content that will keep them coming back for more. As we nurture your readers through the entire sales process, your brand will stay top-of-mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.


Keep your site fresh & boost your SEO rankings.

Search engines love recent & relevant content, full of the sorts of keywords and phrases that people commonly use. A regularly updated blog shows Google and other search engines that you’re actively managing your site, and traffic will demonstrate that you’re useful to customers, keeping your rank high and making you easier for more and more users to discover as they search.


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A different value in digital marketing

Here at MMA, we offer a unique digital branding and commerce perspective that puts people and businesses first by centering everything we do in human experiences.

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