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Great customer service is the backbone of any business’s success. When your customers have a great service experience, they’re more likely to spend money, visit again in the future, and spread the word about you to their friends and family. The key to providing great service online is personal, real-time communication through live chat.

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Live chat is a simple concept: whenever customers are browsing your website, give them access to a real person to answer their questions and provide support.


Yet many businesses have yet to implement a full live chat experience. Often customers can only talk to a bot, or only have access to a person during normal business hours. Adding live chat to your website gives you a competitive advantage while this technology is still relatively new.


With real-time live chat support, customers need not dial a number, get frustrated while sitting on hold, or get into a lengthy back & forth on email or Twitter. Most of the time, you’ll be able to resolve customer issues in one session. For those instances in which you can’t, you’ll be able to save a complete record of all conversations to be referenced by service agents while the issue is ongoing.


Not only does live chat save you time and free up resources, it also save you money! Live chat solutions are comparatively cheaper to implement than a complete phone or email support system.


People generally prefer to talk to a real person, and they’re far more likely to become loyal customers when they feel like there’s someone really listening to them on the other end. Increase conversions and sales with live chat customer support!

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Here at MMA, we offer a unique digital branding and commerce perspective that puts people and businesses first by centering everything we do in human experiences.

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