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One of the biggest hurdles for businesses seeking to enter the eCommerce space is the management of their product catalogs. When you have thousands of SKUs to publish across multiple sales channels, you need to make sure you’re continuously updating and managing your data, lest it become disorganized and inconsistent.


All of this can be tedious and time-consuming, so many online merchants end up settling for subpar product information. You don’t have to be among them. Learn how Mobile Marketing tackles some of these common eCommerce challenges, and the dynamic tools we use to overcome them.

7 Common Challenges of Catalog Management

As an eCommerce seller, do any of these sound familiar to you? At Mobile Marketing, our Dynamic Catalogs are the solution you’re looking for.

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1. Updating Products Constantly

Depending on the type of products you sell & where you’re selling them, you may have to continuously update your SKUs. Whether it’s due to price changes or shifts in availability, proper management is key to avoiding SKU-related hassles.

Spending every day fine-tuning your items so you can list them properly takes time away from marketing, operations, and customer service. With dynamic catalogs, updates happen automatically without extra work from you or your team.


2. Selling Across Multiple Channels

If you sell in 2 or more channels, you’ve probably encountered issues with listing the same products in multiple channels simultaneously. Listing a product on your site, Amazon or eBay can be complicated, with added complexity if your products appear on more than one of these branded sites. Each has its own requirements & categories. Failure to account for these differences can lead to incomplete or confusing listings that will neither reach customers nor provide the info they need to make a confident purchase.

Even if you understand the importance of consistency across channels, you may not have an efficient way to create multiple listings for the same product. You can either spend hours parsing through messy data, or leave your listings incomplete. Our dynamic catalogs solve this issue by automatically tailoring your listings to every desired sales channel.


3. Dealing with Supplier Data

3rd-party product data often comes with the bare minimum information, which may not be in the standard format you need. For example, you might spell brown as “BRWN,” while your supplier’s data uses “brn.” Cleaning up supplier data can take weeks, slowing down your process and delaying the listing of certain products. Use our dynamic catalogs to automatically reformat supplier data to match the standards you use.


4. Expanding Your Product Catalog

When your product catalog is already a mess, it can be hard to add more SKUs. Many merchants are discouraged from growing their business when considering the prospect of adding more products. Clean up your data quickly and expand on your own terms with dynamic catalogs from Mobile Marketing.

5. Keeping Data Quality Consistent

All of these challenges thus far share one common problem – the tendency for data to become inconsistent. Whether you’re dealing with misspelled or missing information, or descriptions and attributes that are entirely incorrect, it can be overwhelming trying to fix everything and maintain a consistent standard.

Tools like Excel weren’t built for eCommerce catalog management, and human error is always a factor when the fix is left up to your employees. You need more robust tools geared specifically toward your needs. As such, many merchants inevitably end up publishing product listings with missing or incorrect information.

Provide a better experience for your customers. Keep your data quality consistent across platforms with dynamic catalogs from Mobile Marketing.


6. Centralizing eCommerce Catalog Management

Do you have one, centralized place to store, view & manage all your product data? Many merchants rely on multiple spreadsheets or a POS system, making it hard to have a single view of their data. This can feed into some of the quality and consistency problems we’ve already mentioned.

Mobile Marketing offers a single place to store all of your data, with the freedom and flexibility to manage it how and when you need to.


7. Merchandising

Customer have high expectations. They demand accuracy and quality when it comes to product information, with all the detail they need to make a purchasing decision.

The more product SKUs and sales channels you’re dealing with, the harder meeting these expectations becomes. You need a rigorous process for merchandising your data.

Make product information one of your top priorities, without pouring all of your time and human resources into management. Dynamic catalogs are the key to many of your ecommerce woes. Contact Mobile Marketing today to learn more about our services.

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