Content Strategy.

A goal-oriented approach to customer engagement.

Content Strategy

Creating with a purpose

In business, all that we do is driven by strategy. We set goals, create plans, test and measure our results, and reiterate until all of our systems are running smoothly. Yet for some, all that strategy seems to go out the window when it comes to content. Businesses will start a blog or create a slew of social media profiles simply because they’ve heard that they need them.


Don’t get us wrong...content is a powerful piece of your greater marketing arsenal. Prospects will feel better about buying from your company if they see that you’re consistently delivering content that they find appealing. Of course, blogs and social media are important tools for delivering that content. But without a strategy behind that blog of yours, you’ll never be able to see or measure any results. You won’t know if it’s helping you meet your goals, and you won’t know how or when to change things up.

What is a content strategy?

Content strategy is driven by one simple question: “What should we create, and why?” It involves setting specific, measurable business goals, and then reaching them by creating and distributing content.

Content Strategy | Mobile Marketing, LLC

How to create
winning content

Let’s say you’re a one-man sales team in a small business. You spend the bulk of your time on the phone, explaining your services to prospects. You think you’d have time to close more sales if you could make these calls more efficient or get your information to more people. Inspired, you start to take note of the questions you get asked most often. You gather enough data for an FAQ blog post that tells the story of your business and answers those common questions. Your post notes how your business is unique and encourages readers to submit their contact information via web form if they’re interested.

With help from your marketing team, people begin to discover your post while searching on the web. Warm leads start coming in: people who already trust your business and are better educated about your services when compared to previous prospects. Calls to these leads take less time, and sales increase. These results show a significant ROI, and management asks you for additional content ideas. Using your sales knowledge, you brainstorm videos, social posts, and more. This basic example captures the fundamentals of content strategy:

  • Identifying a problem
  • Creating a plan
  • Aligning with the business
  • Implementing the plan
  • Measuring the results
  • Repeating and optimizing

These steps are at the core of any business strategy, and your approach to content should be no different. At Mobile Marketing, we work to understand your business objectives and the audiences you’re trying to reach. The content we create will directly address their needs and desires in the channels they prefer. Whether your goal is to grow your customer base, build your reputation, or generate leads, we’ll work with you to audit your content, identify what you have that’s working well, and find any gaps. We’ll track the shares, comments, site traffic, views, conversions, likes, signups, and more. We’ll determine what’s working and what we need to change to optimize your results.

Just as importantly, we’ll work to keep the content on your site fresh, relevant, usable, and easy to find. To capture the attention of readers and viewers, your content needs to provide a good experience that will lead them to trust you and want to hear from you again.

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