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Social Media Strategy

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around your brand.

Want to get your brand or products in front of potential customers? Don’t wait for them to find you! At Mobile Marketing, we help our clients integrate into the spaces where those potential customers spend a huge part of their time: Social media.

Social media has made marketing easier than ever in many ways. However, while many of our customers are already on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest, they’re rarely getting the most of out these valuable channels.

How does a social media strategy work?

A good social media marketing strategy encompasses all of the techniques we use to target your customers’ social networks online and spread awareness about your brand & products. At Mobile Marketing, we take it step by step.

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First, if you aren’t already set up on your customers’ favorite platforms, we’ll help you establish a presence. If you are on social media but aren’t sure you’re using it to your best advantage, we’re here to help with that, too!

Once you’re set up, we’ll work with you to develop messaging and content that will entice users to share with their family, friends & coworkers organically. We recommend combining these efforts with specifically targeted paid advertising, which our team will design based on data that we get directly from your social profiles.

Your social presence will allow your customers to provide direct feedback, which we’ll help you cultivate through the use of surveys, contents, giveaways and more. We’ll also help you play defense, staying on top of your digital reputation by responding to comments in your voice, counteracting negative reviews, and dealing appropriately with abusive individuals.

The Benefits of a Social Media Presence

  • Word-of-mouth

    When you create content that individuals want to share, they’ll spread the word to their wider social networks, widening your reach organically.

  • Endorsement

    Connections of the individuals who share your content are more likely to be friends & family who know them and trust their opinion, meaning every share is like an implicit endorsement of your brand.

  • Earned Media

    By encouraging your customers to interact and create original content such as reviews and comments, you’ll get free publicity and content that can be re-shared.

  • Rich Data

    Learn about your customers in greater detail than ever before! Discover who loves your brand online, tailor your advertising to highly specific audiences, and get measurable results to help you refine your efforts!

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