Industry Disrupters 2022: Shattering the status quo

Helping to create a digital marketing revolution

MARCH 22, 2022 – The flooring industry was slow to embrace the use of digital marketing and online tools as a viable next step in the evolution of the industry. However, spurred by a boom in younger store owners and the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for an impactful digital strategy has become a no-brainer for savvy flooring dealers.

With that in mind, there are a select few companies that stand out within the digital marketing space for not only highly customized, results-driven offerings but the foresight to offer tools that help dealers adapt to changing market conditions and support a rapidly evolving industry. Mobile Marketing stands above the rest in its impact on the industry. The company is continually developing and driving new technologies that help its customers grow.

“We offer our clients a customized, comprehensive digital marketing strategy to specifically meet their needs,” explained Carole Cross, founder and CEO of Mobile Marketing. “As more people continue to cut the cable cord, we bring new marketing technologies to our retailers like OTT (over-the-top) advertising, which is advertising done through subscription-based services. Our clients have had early advantages with rapid growth in new channels like geofencing and video advertising. This is in addition to digital advertising such as paid social media, Google ads and more.”

Cross added that Mobile Marketing offers its clients flexible shop-at-home and e-commerce solutions to help them change and expand their ways of doing business—an essential vision in today’s evolving market. “We have developed more fully integrated partnerships with RoomvoQFloors and Swell. The information gathered by those existing platforms is then utilized to create a more enhanced experience that allows retailers to see the best return on their overall investment.”

Shared from Floor Covering News.