Supporting the consumer journey

APRIL 1, 2022 – Retailers have their pick of technology to utilize that provide solutions for enhancing their customer’s journey. In order to connect with consumers and turn those connections into sales, retailers can invest in technology ranging from digital merchandising to augmented reality visualization and even simple chat features that keep communication with consumers open at all hours. 

Taking every opportunity 

Today’s consumer has more resources than ever in the palm of their hands since their mobile devices can bring them flooring specs and design inspiration in seconds. In order to gain the customer’s trust, there are opportunities for retailers to meet the consumer where they are shopping, whether that is in-store or online, day or night. 

“When we think of ways to utilize technology to attract new customers, we immediately think of advertising, re-targeting and remarketing to potential customers through different channels,” said Carole Cross, founder and CEO of Mobile Marketing. “We use websites, search, social media and other forms of online marketing to turn potential customers into workable leads.”

It is important for dealers to have engaging features on their website so new leads are encouraged to interact and familiarize themselves with the company. Mobile Marketing uses customer relationship management (CRM) tools to stay in touch with users who have interacted with a retailer’s site. 

“We can target customers to help them find exactly what they’re interested in, increasing the likelihood for future sales,” Cross said. “There are so many options retailers can choose from to increase productivity and continually be in touch with their customers, such as email and mobile based marketing. You never know when customers will start looking for that next product so automating communications helps retailers stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds.”

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