Back to Basics: The Essentials of a Good Website

JANUARY 4, 2023 – The days of opening the Yellow Pages and searching for flooring dealers are long gone. Today, consumers are turning to the internet when starting their shopping journey.

“Google Search is the first place consumers go,” pointed out Michael Johnson, vice president of digital strategy-premium brand sales and marketing, Shaw Industries. “It’s important to have a strategy and content that will connect with them (the consumer) because if a consumer cannot find your website when they search, they will never find you. Then, once they are on the site, it’s important that the website has the information they need so they can deeply engage with the local retailer. This builds trust so the consumer will feel comfortable visiting the actual showroom.”

A website should be visual, inspiring and informative, stressed Todd Skidmore, senior director of digital and e-commerce at Mohawk. “A website should also be easy to navigate with clear calls to action. These are the elements that make the experience enjoyable and useful for the shopper, versus frustrating or boring,” Skidmore advised.

Good websites should have the same greetings or calls to actions throughout the site as when a customer walks into the store. “In stores, you don’t let someone walk into your showroom without saying, ‘Hi, what can I help you with today?’.” observed Carole Cross, founder and CEO of Mobile Marketing.

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