Flooring Software Technology Providers up the Ante at Surfaces

MARCH 17, 2023 – Mobile Marketing was included in the Floor Covering News’ roundup of technology providers. An excerpt from the article follows:

The 2023 International Surface Event highlighted the vigor with which the flooring industry is facing today. Flooring software technology providers were among those ready to support the industry’s vitality and growing needs in 2023.

Mobile Marketing

Over the last year, Mobile Marketing has focused on partnering with other leading technology providers within the industry in an effort to provide a whole new level of services not previously available. Most recently, the company has partnered with Roomvo, QFloors and RFMS.

“We’ve made some tremendous improvements in the ability to go from finding customers online all the way through to a closed sale,” Carole Cross, CEO, told Floor Covering News. “We can now show retailers their return on ad spend. This has never been done in the industry before.”

Communication has also been a focus for Mobile Marketing. “When a consumer becomes a customer, how do they get ready for their install? How do they care for their carpet? The ability to create communications from the retailer to the customer, knowing which stage they are in, provides a whole other level of value. Now the data can tell us a customer just purchased carpet; so, we can send texts and email messages about how to care for your carpet. That customer just bought tile. What’s the first thing they’re going to do on a hard surface product? They’re going to put a rug on it. Let’s send a coupon to the Rugs.Shop and give them a discount off rugs.”

The last piece of the puzzle for Mobile Marketing, and perhaps the most powerful, is inventory management. “On the website side, traditionally, we’d work with the retailer and we’d upload a supplier’s whole catalog online,” Cross explained. “However, we had no ability to say, ‘This product is in stock. This product’s on the showroom floor. This product’s on promotion.’ Now we can reach into these back-end systems and deliver an in-stock product catalog, show how much inventory they have, show it online—even show the price if they want to get into e-commerce. Those things have always been really, really hard because you’re interacting with a front-end website technology over here and you’re interacting with your business software over here, but the two have never been talking. Now we can deliver a whole new value proposition.”

Read the article by Floor Covering News in its entirety.