Keep customers happy during business growth

How to Keep Your Customers Happy as Your Business Grows

Growth is the primary goal for most businesses. It is this quest to expand that fuels innovation and sparks creativity. We seek out improved processes, procedures, and ideas to attract new business and customers. However, the retention of existing customers is just as important as the acquisition of new ones. If your business is losing old customers while gaining new ones, you’re not growing at all. You’re standing still. Here are some great reminders or ways your business can improve its customer service, support, and marketing to attract new customers while keeping your existing ones.  

Keep Your Promises

To satisfy existing customers, you must keep your promises and fulfill obligations previously put in place. That could mean making improvements to your website, finishing a project by a select date, or merely touching base via email. The substance of the promise matters much less than the fact that it is kept. Your customers need to feel that they are still a priority to you and to your business. Find tools to help better communicate with customers and prospects.

Continue to Provide Top-Notch Support

When you brought in your customer, odds are you did so by providing them with stellar service and support. Emails were responded to promptly, phone calls returned, and concerns were addressed immediately. As you continue to acquire new customers and expand, maintaining this level of service and support is essential. Your existing customers have become accustomed to a certain kind of relationship and if that dynamic changes, they will take note of it. The goal of your business should be to keep all customers happy, not just the new ones.

Some tools to help support better customer service include live chat on your website, offering a number customers can call, email marketing to keep them in the loop, and simple outbound calls to connect with those customers stuck in your sales or service process.

Respond to feedback

Whether a new customer or an existing one, taking into account feedback is critical in growing your company. In listening to customer concerns, compliments, and general thoughts, you’ll be able to better understand the varying needs of your base. Make sure your customers always feel heard because the comments received could help improve your company, enabling you to attract even more customers and business in the future. Responding to feedback will also have an impact on your business reviews, so stay on top of your inbox, messages, and phones.

Attracting new customers while keeping your existing base happy

Maintain That Personal Touch

While they may seem minor, things like personalized emails, holiday cards, or even coupons, do matter to your customers. It shows them that you care and are willing to go above and beyond for them. With minimal effort and time, you can maintain that personal touch with your customers, which will make them feel special and appreciated. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays should all be viewed as opportunities to engage your customers. A simple email marketing campaign can ensure you never miss an opportunity to stay in touch with your clients.

Be Honest

In most cases, honesty is the best policy. By providing realistic deadlines and underpromising/overdelivering, you are laying the groundwork for a relationship built on a foundation of trust. Customers who trust the businesses they associate with are the ones who tend to stick around the longest. There is a direct correlation between honesty and customer loyalty. If you are honest with them, customers will be honest with you. This synchronicity will help you expand in ways you never thought possible. To help fill any gaps, you may want to step away from your current business, map all customer touchpoints, and then apply new methods of communicating with them throughout their customer journey.

Keeping your existing customers happy while seeking innovative ways to grow your business is a recipe for success and substantial growth. The team at Mobile Marketing has solved many of these challenges by providing a complete set of solutions to address how to manage your digital business. Contact us today and get a free digital assessment so that we can help you grow your business and best engage your customer base.