What Can Blogs Do for My Business? 

Blogs bring to mind some wholly unique and interesting images when conjured. There’s the hip-looking couple making their way across the United States in a van, sharing their experiences along the way. There’s the middle-aged baker detailing her favorite family-friendly crockpot recipes, perfect for setting and forgetting. There’s even the teenager working out their feelings on the electronic pages with some angst and a lot of hope. All of these are practical and popular uses of the modern blog that we’re all familiar with, but how does all of this relate to you and your business? Well, blogs are an undeniably powerful tool. They can be used for brand building, storytelling, making money, and bringing awareness to a subject or cause. And as such, they are an essential part of your company and its overall digital marketing strategy

While blogging is far from new, the importance of blogs and blog strategies for businesses grows with each passing year. Why exactly? There are several reasons, but perhaps the most pertinent is that blogs provide companies with many benefits and opportunities while taking up only a small amount of time and capital. 

This post will outline the power of blogs.

Blogs help to establish your brand identity

When you develop your blog strategy and decide what topics you want to pursue, you can establish who you are as a company and what you stand for through your posts. Are you an industry thought leader providing commentary on the state of the trade? Are you looking to educate consumers in a fun and insightful way? Is your brand serious and contemplative, or are you more personable and light-hearted? Blogs provide you with an opportunity to introduce yourself to what could be an entirely new audience, an audience eager to understand your ethos and who you are. 

The type of content you elect to share and the tone/way you elect to share could significantly impact how someone shopping online views your company. You may only get one shot to impress yourself upon someone reading your blog, so with this in mind, your writing, both the topic and voice should be very purposeful and indicative of your overall brand.

Let’s say you operate a flooring retail store focused on cash and carry. Using your blog to highlight how easy it is to shop in your store, along with customer examples with photos (with permission) to reiterate your brand identity, could prove incredibly beneficial. 

Blogs generate traffic 

When you write about topics relevant to your customers, and you do so in a high-quality way, you are all but guaranteed to generate more traffic to your site. This is, in part, because you’re working to actively improve your SEO, more on that later. 

But it’s also something entirely simpler: when you provide a potential audience with helpful information, they are likely to want to come back and check out other pages on your website. By writing blogs and actively using Google’s keyword tool to find what people search for and then working to provide better information on the topic, you can and will bring in more traffic to your website. Whether it be a flooring website or something else altogether, blogs equal website traffic which equals potential leads. 

Blogs allow you to teach customers about your products and services

Businesses should not sleep on the ability of a blog to educate their target audience. Want your customers to know more about a specific service that you offer? Teach them about it. Want to effectively showcase a new brand or product that you feature? Do so by informing your audience about it in an effectively written 400-word blog post. 

When you have a blog presence, you can tell your customers whatever you want them to know. Promotions, sales, products, services, and store policies, it’s all on the table. With a blog, you control the narrative.  

As a flooring retailer, you can use a blog to walk a customer through installing the floor themselves while offering professional installation services as a reminder of the quality work you do and offer.

Blogs help with SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, also covered previously on this blog, is the process of actively increasing online website traffic through organic search results. Determined by analyzing the quality of traffic, quantity of traffic, and organic search results for a website, SEO is one of the most important aspects of a company’s digital strategy. 

Blog posts can help improve SEO on your site in several different ways. First and foremost, every time you write a blog, you create a new page on your website, and whenever this happens, Google recrawls the site, looking for new content to index. This matters because crawling and indexing directly reflect a SERP (search engine results page) ranking. Anyone who has ever done even the most basic of Google searches can admit that they are unlikely to scroll too far down the list. This is why SERP ranking and the creation of blogs for SEO are crucial. 

A company can also improve SEO through link building, specifically inbound links. Inbound links are when another web source links to your page. These links are viewed as a sign of reputability and authority. Inbound linking, too, will improve your SERP ranking. Internal linking, linking from your blog to other pages within your site, can also help with SEO and direct readers to other pertinent pages that you want them to see.  

When posting blogs, the SEO options are nearly limitless. You’ll see an uptick in your SEO even by posting blogs semi-regularly, once every month or two. While you’re paying someone to write and publish these blogs, it doesn’t cost anything to post them, and once they are live on your site, your company will reap the benefits for quite some time. 

Mobile Marketing + Blogs

We’re Mobile Marketing, and while we haven’t been around as long as some of the other digital marketing agencies, we’ve been consistently delivering fantastic customer experiences and driving results for the past eight years. Let us work with you to develop a blog strategy that fits your company’s overall goals or even write the posts for you. We’ve done it before with great success, and we’ll do it again with even more success. The only question is: are you going to join us?

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