Geofencing: What Is It and How Can It Help My Business?


In our rapidly changing technological landscape, customers have never been more reachable for businesses. However, just because you can reach customers in a myriad of ever-simplistic ways doesn’t mean that there isn’t significant competition. Whether you’re trying to contact your potential base via social media, print, television, radio advertisements, or simply by word of mouth,…

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How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business


Long gone are the days of inconsistent dial-up internet with its cacophony of unpleasant sounds and ever-delayed load times. These days, you can browse the internet almost whenever you want with both ease and reliability. While load times may vary depending on location, you can check in on your favorite sites, chat with friends, and…

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What Can a Digital Strategy Do for Your Flooring Business?

We’re Mobile Marketing, a results-focused agency specializing in growing businesses by creating digital marketing experiences. Our holistic approach to the digital experience has enabled us to help various companies and business entities grow their brands through our best-in-class marketing methodologies. Working under our five pillars: digital strategy, awareness, engagement, conversion & sales, and customer loyalty, we…

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3 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept.

Something of a buzzword, customer loyalty is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the business world these days. Perhaps underutilized, it focuses on the customer. What essentially boils down to creating strong feelings of support and allegiance, customer loyalty is a topic that is at the forefront of the mind of every…

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Optimizing Your Mobile Website

optimizing website for mobile

A recent study from found that in 2020, 73% of all e-commerce sales came from mobile devices. That, combined with the knowledge that nearly 70% ( of all online web traffic in 2021 came from mobile devices, lends itself to the idea that the future of online activity is mobile. And at Mobile Marketing,…

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Using Google Ads for Your Business

Google Ads - Mobile Marketing

According to Hubspot, Google processes approximately 63,000 search queries every second, translating to roughly 5.6 billion searches per day and 2 trillion global searches per year. In fact, Google now controls 92% of the search engine market share, making them the definitive authority for online queries. Google has become more than just a place to…

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4 SEO Techniques to Rank Higher and Drive Organic Traffic Today

SEO graphic

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of actively increasing online website traffic through organic search results. Determined by analyzing the quality of traffic, quantity of traffic, and organic search results for a website, SEO is one of the most important aspects of a company’s digital strategy. One of the many positives about website…

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How to Keep Your Customers Happy as Your Business Grows

Keep customers happy during business growth

Growth is the primary goal for most businesses. It is this quest to expand that fuels innovation and sparks creativity. We seek out improved processes, procedures, and ideas to attract new business and customers. However, the retention of existing customers is just as important as the acquisition of new ones. If your business is losing…

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