Guarding against cyber hackers

JUNE 3, 2022 – Between the daily calls about your car’s extended warranty and credit card fraud emails from a bank you’ve never heard of, scammers and hackers are more active than ever with one sinister and synonymous goal in mind: to steal your information. “One hit can take everything down,” said Carole Cross, founder…

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What Can Blogs Do for My Business? 


Blogs bring to mind some wholly unique and interesting images when conjured. There’s the hip-looking couple making their way across the United States in a van, sharing their experiences along the way. There’s the middle-aged baker detailing her favorite family-friendly crockpot recipes, perfect for setting and forgetting. There’s even the teenager working out their feelings…

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Mobile Marketing, RFMS Integration Leads to Improved Marketing ROI

Mobile Marketing and RFMS clients will now have the benefit of two industry leaders integrating to create a seamless experience between web and marketing services and their business management software. The integration was announced recently at the 2022 RFMS Owner and Education Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. This integration provides an improved customer experience because it…

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Geofencing: What Is It and How Can It Help My Business?


In our rapidly changing technological landscape, customers have never been more reachable for businesses. However, just because you can reach customers in a myriad of ever-simplistic ways doesn’t mean that there isn’t significant competition. Whether you’re trying to contact your potential base via social media, print, television, radio advertisements, or simply by word of mouth,…

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Mobile Marketing, Roomvo Partnership Creates Enhanced Client Experience

people meeting and talking with convention in background

Mobile Marketing and Roomvo have taken their partnership to the next level with the launch of a dedicated visualizer analytics module, available in Mobile Marketing’s client portal. Equipped with these powerful analytics from Roomvo, retailers are able to gain unprecedented levels of insight into their consumers. This unique analytics integration empowers retailers to make data-driven…

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Supporting the consumer journey

APRIL 1, 2022 – Retailers have their pick of technology to utilize that provide solutions for enhancing their customer’s journey. In order to connect with consumers and turn those connections into sales, retailers can invest in technology ranging from digital merchandising to augmented reality visualization and even simple chat features that keep communication with consumers…

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Industry Disrupters 2022: Shattering the status quo

Helping to create a digital marketing revolution MARCH 22, 2022 – The flooring industry was slow to embrace the use of digital marketing and online tools as a viable next step in the evolution of the industry. However, spurred by a boom in younger store owners and the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for an impactful…

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How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business


Long gone are the days of inconsistent dial-up internet with its cacophony of unpleasant sounds and ever-delayed load times. These days, you can browse the internet almost whenever you want with both ease and reliability. While load times may vary depending on location, you can check in on your favorite sites, chat with friends, and…

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